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About Pumpkin Spice World™

Patrick Doyle creator of Pumpkin Spice World!The Pumpkin Spice World Idea!

Hello Pumpkin Spice aficionados, or should I say Pumpkin Spice Lovers, and welcome to Pumpkin Spice World!

My name is Patrick Doyle and I created Pumpkin Spice World to help all of us enjoy All Things Pumpkin Spice™ year-round!

My love for Pumpkin Spice started over 60 years ago with my parents who every Fall would make homemade pumpkin pies, and dad would spice the apple cider with cinnamon. Mom had me bake homemade pumpkin pies with her occasionally and her secret pumpkin spice recipe will be shared in a future post!

For most of us, the smell of Pumpkin Spice takes us back to a time and place of great joy, nostalgia, and longing. A happy place and time. I will be building and updating PumpkinSpice.World constantly and hope to keep these fun feelings and thoughts alive for us all, year-round!

With respect,
P.S. This is dedicated to my daughter Ashley aka Pumpkin